Investment in sennheiser g4

Investment in sennheiser g4

Thursday 1st August 2019

LIME Productions have recently invested in significant stock of Sennheiser's latest wireless microphones.

We now have large stock of:

SK 500 G4 Beltpack Transmitter with options of:
1. ME2 Lavaliver Microphone (available in black) - great for conferences
2. HSP Essential Miniature Headset Microphones (available in black or beige) - great for applications where high gain before feedback is required.
3. MKE Essential Miniature Lapel Microphones (available in black or beige) - great for musical theatre, mounted in the hairline.

SKM 500 G4 Handheld Transmitter, with options of:
1. Sennheiser 935 Capsule
2. Sennheiser 945 Capsule

Sennheiser EW 500 series. Perfect for anything needing reliable wireless. From large musical theatre systems to wedding ceremony sound reinforcement.

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